Take Away / Pizza

This application is developed to order online a selection of delicious food choices. Food has been prepared using nothing but the best quality of ingredients and standards.

Best dining experience is given with our delectable menu ranging from pizzas, pastas, ribs, side dishes to desserts to fill everyone's craving.

Its just a one step order from your homes to satisfy your pizza and pastas cravings!

  1. Choose food from the menu that you wish to order. There are 3 main categories to choose from : Pizzas, Pastas and Meats.
  2. Under Pizza category, there are sub categories to choose from : Traditional, Gourmet, Gourmet Vegetarian, Gourmet Meat and Gourmet Sea food.
  3. Under the Pasta and Meat categories, you can choose from a variety of food selections.
  4. After choosing from the main dishes, you can also add up Salads, Desserts and drinks to your order.
  5. After placing your order, detailed description of your order and their corresponding prices are displayed.
  6. Fill out the online order form which will provide the information necessary for validation of your order.
  7. Mode of payment will be via credit card, PayPal or cash. Failure to answer the call will mean that your order will be cancelled.
  8. Once order is placed by the customer, chef receives a detailed document about the order.
  9. Delivery of order can be tracked.
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