Visual Link IT Guidelines for Law Enforcement Requests


Effective starting: May 30, 2014


These operational guidelines are a reference for law enforcement officials seeking customer records from Visual Link IT.

These guidelines are created as a courtesy and do not create obligations concerning how Visual Link IT will respond in any particular case.

Visual Link IT’s policy on responding to law enforcement requests

Visual Link IT respects the rules and laws of the jurisdiction in which it operates as well as the privacy and rights of its customers. Consequently, Visual Link IT provides customer information in response to law enforcement requests only when we believe that we are legally required to do so.

Consequently, to obtain non-public customer information, law enforcement officials must provide the appropriate legal documents required for the type of information being sought, such as a subpoena, court order, or a warrant. To protect our customers’ rights, we scrutinize all requests to ensure that they comply with the law.

Visual Link IT will not provide customer content without a search warrant (or an equivalent legal obligation supported by probable cause) that requires that the content be disclosed.

What Visual Link IT customer information may be available in response to a lawful request?

The following information may be available in response to an enforceable government request:

Customer Information

    Customer information supplied by the customer at time of ordering, including email address and country of origin. Other optional fields may be available if voluntarily supplied by the customer, including name, phone number, screen name, department, position, homepage URL, location, about me, avatar type, avatar URL, and instant messenger ID.

    IP addresses associated with log-ins to a specific customer instance or user account

    URLs accessed and time/date of that access

    Billing contact information (name and billing address)(only if the user is a paying customer; we do not have billing contact information for users of our free accounts)

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